• School children in Kenya
  • Education Builds Nations!

    This year we have set our vision on helping to build a school for impoverished children in Yogo, Kenya.

First Mission to Kenya!

Reaching out to the less fortunate oversees!

In 2003-2010: AMIC has assisted in helping to build an orphanage, sending money for maize during a drought season, build a worship center and sponsor children within the Migori, Kenya area (which we continue to do). Several of our people have had the privilege of going to visit/help over the years; what an experience in reaching out to those less fortunate than we!

In 2002 Pastor Vinita and family met John Okinda at Pinecrest, New York, a young man full of the presence of the Lord. A dynamic speaker sharing from his heart the love of Jesus Christ. I had several opportunities to speak with him and his lovely wife Pamela and soon a friendship was begun leading to an fund raiser in Russell, Ont. the following year for John to begin an orphanage and worship center in Migori, Kenya his home town. Money was gathered and so began the foundation of the future Center, orphanage and child sponsorships for local children to go to school.

John Okinda by now Bishop John Okinda came to Russell in 2004, taught, visited neighboring farms to glean from them how to plant and bring forth a healthy harvest so that he could take that back to Migori where he shares his land with others.

Over the years containers were sent over with sewing machines, mason jars for canning (which had never been heard of there—storing food for the leaner times or times of drought), clothes, books all from Russell, and then supplemented by tractors and big machinery from Ohio where the idea of canning had come from.

In 2007 two of our parishioners went to Migori and a well raising fund was started. Water is so important to the life of any community and drilled water would supply healthy water for the area. The well was finished in Ragana, a neighbouring community in 2009.

The following year another two people went, taught the children, spent time with the ladies and got involved in the daily living activities.

In 2009 another two went and were able to see the fruit of the labours and resources that they had been a part of – a finished orphanage, another one started, children that were thriving from food and education, a teachers college, a school for children to grade 12, a complex complete with well and a Worship Center!!! How amazing!

Child sponsorship still continues today for the children that continue to need help to attend school and resources for their education. If you are interested in partnering with us in helping these children please contact nancyromme@gmail.com or phone her at 613-443-5547 and we would be pleased to have you join our family of sponsors in Migori, Kenya. A picture of a child you choose will be send to you as well as yearly letters from them to you.

God has been faithful in providing these wonderful opportunities to minister outside of our local area to feed the hungry, preach the gospel and meets the needs of His people in the world afar.

last modified March 31, 2019