• School children in Kenya
  • Education Builds Nations!

    This year we have set our vision on helping to build a school for impoverished children in Yogo, Kenya.

Vivian Carter, former Vice President of Administration

In church and in various bible studies we are often asked to look to others to see the face of Jesus. This has always been who I see when I look at Vinita. I see His love, His caring, nurturing and healing. Vinita has been a blessing to me since the first day I met her.

Vivian CarterI initially got to know Vinita in Alpha. She was the leader in my group. And through her leadership, and teaching and putting everything in God’s hands I came to know Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. Every day I thank God that He is in my life and I thank God for the ministries of “Ambassador Ministries in Covenant”. It was through Alpha that I first came to know our Lord and it’s been through the follow-up ministries of mentoring, teaching, healing and fellowship that I have grown in my relationship with Jesus and my love for our sovereign God has blossomed.

Through His love my life has been changed – drastically – for the better. Gone is the terrible anxiety and burning anger – residual childhood baggage (wounds) – that was destroying my relationships, work and family, and obscuring any possible appreciation for God’s gifts. Through the healing and nurturing ministries of Ambassador Ministries in Covenant, God has taken away the pain and anger, and in their place filled me with a love for Him, for His gift of life, and for His gift of fellowship in His family.

Praise be to you, Father God, Jesus my Lord and Saviour, and Holy Spirit my enabler and counsellor. Praise be to you God for your gift of Ambassador Ministries in Covenant through the faithfulness and devotion of your servant, Vinita.

Vivian Carter

To God be the glory and honour forever and ever!

last modified March 31, 2019