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Worship Extravaganza : Showcases Another Year of Local Talents

July, 8, 06

Once again Ambassador Ministries in Covenant opened the doors of Mother Teresa School with a display of God’s talents. When one walked in Pastor Vinita’s warm smile and gentle manner made the guests feel welcome and free to mingle in a delightfully decorated gym (Monique Rankin).

The air was filled with enthusiasm and excitement as the exhibitors displayed their artistic abilities from painting(Emily Bronte, Pat McLaren) to photography(Ellie Hogeveen, Dana Baker, Lois Box), quilting(Anne Mains), stained glass artwork(Mona Saunders, Diana Woods) and beautiful pillars and arches(Rob Reid) used for various ceremonies.

God’s giftings were viewed through Jeannette Hutchinson, miming “My Redeemer Lives” touching any persons inner being, guitarist Joel Genest, played and sang “I can only Imagine” leaving us wondering where this aspiring young guitarist has been hiding. The evening followed with more wonderful artists, Hudson Pierre, playing the mandolin, clarinet and piano and trumpet together, Pat Hebert and his classical guitar, while the Mid-Life Harmony quartet continued to lift our spirits. The Ambassador Ministries in Covenant Dancers, danced to “Singing in the Rain”, choreographed by Vinita Baker, followed by David Kitz’s drama of the “The Centurion’s Report”, bringing the evening to a grand finale.

It was an evening of seeing God releasing the arts in His people, and the talent in the Russell and surrounding areas. Fun was had by all, new friendships were made and old ones renewed over a cup of coffee and dessert.

It was truly a delightful evening Vinita! Thank you for who you are! Ready to serve!

Submitted by Nancy Romme

last modified November 20, 2010