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    This year we have set our vision on helping to build a school for impoverished children in Yogo, Kenya.

Year of the Breakthrough!!

Ambassador Ministries In Covenant Newsletter 2006

January 2006 began by the Prophetic Word of the Lord: “This shall be a year of Breakthrough!”

Breakthrough was what we needed to ensure that this part of the body that the Lord has been grooming would be see breakthrough in their own lives and therefore through them to see healing come to others! This has been the mandate, to be a body that would grow, mature and be equipped to reach out to the broken hearted, lonely and hurting so that we could be the hands, touch and voice of the Lord who first touched, healed and restored us.

As we continue to pursue the Word of God and enter into Worship learning the weapons of our warfare to be the Blood and Name of Jesus, and the Word of God, we actively launch these weapons through praise, worship, and our testimony of what God has done for us. We learn that although the enemy may want to steal, destroy and kill, the Word of God brings life and health and restoration into every area of our lives if we appropriate the truth and are willing to receive it into our spirits.

God has been good and faithful at every turn as we dive into the deep, getting out of the boat because by faith we want to walk on water! We CAN and we WILL because God invites us to!!

February: Thirty-three ladies (full capacity) spent an awesome and spirit filled weekend at the Gracefield Camp and Conference Center in Gracefield, Quebec. Beauty from Ashes was the theme of what ultimately became the preparation of a consecration service where all 33 women adorned for their Lord with robes of righteousness, a humble heart, assurance of being valued and loved for who they are, carrying the ashes of their lives as bouquets of new growth walked the long aisle to set their lives as offerings to the Lord for His service, realizing wholeness as an act of worship to the One who laid down His life for them first.

What memorable and precious moments were ours to have as the body of Christ prayed and spoke prophetically over our lives as we surrendered our lives under a banner of sheer glory and love.

March: “If you want to Walk on Water then get out of the Boat” 7-week course saw many come and be challenged to face personal fears and step out in faith to challenge their own “lines in the sand” putting action to their faith beyond their own comfort zones into what they knew God was calling them to.

Covenant Fellowship celebrated our first year anniversary as a house church fellowship!! What a blessing this has been, what growth we’ve seen and what changes we see both personally and corporately. God has been equipping us and at the same time challenging us to not be “ordinary” but “extraordinary” in the way we think and walk out our faith in a BIG God.

June: Once again Worship Extravaganza- Releasing the Arts was unleashed into the community. The evening began by the performing arts ranging from guitarists, singers, dancers, piano, and mandolin presentations and miming. Earlier in the evening an exhibition was highlighted presenting nine artists showing their God given giftings honoring God with their talents. We were honored to have two stain glass artists present their artwork ranging from frog water ponds to lamps to delicate doves, three photographers who had captured God’s creativeness through the lens of their cameras, two painters with various totally different perspectives on their subjective works of art leaving the viewer gasping with awe, while wooded elegant sculptures of arches adorned the spaciously decorated room giving it a sophisticated and breath-taking air of excellence: this too topped by silk flower arrangements atop the painted white pillars!!

To end the evening a play written and acted out by David Kitz told the story of the Passion Week through the eyes of a centurion. A wonderful evening was had by all!

July: several members of Covenant Fellowship attended the historical signing of the Covenant between the First Nation people groups: the Inuits, the Indians and the Metes. What a momentous evening that was!! A covenant to walk together, support one another and be ONE in the Lord!

Several of us also had the privilege of listening to a group of young people share their journey of God’s visitation to their native land of Fiji and how God changed their agricultural land to one that would produce food from the barren lands they had become to how God caused the fish to return to their waters where the once thriving fishing areas had totally disappeared. Not only had the fish returned but now new species of fish were appearing!!! All of this as a sign of God’s goodness because of their corporate repentance as a nation and tribal groups. What an encouraging that evening that was!

August: Our best ever Garage Sale!! What a blessing with so many hands who helped and supplied for the sale.

Sept.: Alpha launches into its 11th year!

Ambassador Ministries In Covenant launches a new high tech, high-speed youth program – QUEST!

Bishop John Okinda arrives Sept. 22 for a month long visit to Russell from Kenya Africa. We are in an agency agreement with Bishop Okinda and his work in Migori, Kenya. Our mission is also to support the work of the Lord abroad and see lives changed through Jesus Christ.

Vision for the coming year!

God has been birthing a new ministry in my heart. One that will meet the passions God has already stirred in the hearts of several people. The vision is to see a home be provided where women who are either battered and unable to meet immediate needs or those needing respite for themselves come and be pampered with unconditional love and caring while they are helped through counseling (whether spiritual, financial, or time management) so that they are able to once again go out and become independent, whole and restored, able to care for themselves and others under their care.

God is raising up workers who would like to see women become all that God has intended for them to be. Complete, confident and secure in who they are and what God has called them to be, valued, chosen and loved without conditions. God is already preparing us to reach out to the brokenhearted, lonely, hurting and depleted. I am trusting God to see to completion what He has poured into our hearts to do by providing direction, discernment, wisdom and resources.

If God is stirring your heart with a similar passion, please pray about what your part may be in seeing this to fruition. We must seek God’s direction first and foremost and only then walk out in faith for the provisions to meet every need. Where, when, how? Let us pray about the next step and keep our eyes open for those open doors!

The “healing rooms” continues to a part of the vision that awaits to be realized, perhaps as doors open for a venue separate from the office space, however “soaking” continues to be available several times a week with prayers for healing.

On-going activities:

Bible studies: Tuesday mornings

Dance Worship: Sat. mornings at Mother Teresa Annex

Counseling: as needed

Outreach to Cancer patients, patients from Baffin Island, those in need in our church and in the community and neighboring towns, as well as abroad i.e.: Kenya and Ecuador (child sponsorship).

Living in the Power of the Holy Spirit



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